Blogs and Twitters I followed.

To add to my PLN, I decided to follow several people who I found interesting and might help me in the future.

One person I followed was Katrina Wirth whose blog is called “Teaching and Learning in the Primary Classroom” . Her one recent post I found interesting is called “School Ditches Rules and Loses Bullies”. She shared an article about a school that ditched rules and let the students free on the playground which resulted in hardly any bullying. Definitely check out her blog and read the article, too.

The next one I followed was “Teach from the Heart” blog and one of the reasons I followed her was of a very recent post called “Cutting my Daughter some Slack”. It was so adorable about just showing your daughter that you can make some mistakes. It was such a real post and she seems like such a real person that I decided to follow her.

Another one I found was a “What if…” blog and the post that caught my attention was “What if there were no criteria to become a teacher?” I’ve linked it to the title there and I suggest all of you to go read it. It’s very interested and the one question he had in bold print was “Why do people who aren’t educators always think they can do a better job than people  who have been to college to become educators?”.  That should be enough to catch your attention and give this one a read.

The next one I decided to follow because I’m an English major is Renee DeAngelo . Her passion for reading and writing is similar to my own and the recent post she had was “How to Build a Fictional World” and the video she posted with it is linked here:

I really enjoyed the video — and it was through Ted Ed on YouTube which was pretty cool. I can’t wait to read all her posts and get more ideas for my own writing and the writings of my future classroom.

I also followed my new mentor, William Chamberlain @wmchamberlain . I think he will be a great contribution to my Personal Learning Network.


Tech Survey Results

So it’s been roughly a week since I posted my New Tech Survey and I decided to do the results today and talk about them a bit. 

I had 8 responses total including my own response. 

My first question – Have you heard of Prezi? I had 7 Yes and 1 No. That’s interesting to me that the one person hasn’t heard about Prezi. I figured it was a pretty common thing for teachers like me to know and be somewhat familiar with. 

2nd – Do you like using a powerpoint program? There were 7 Yes and 1 No. I figured that in a world where technology in the classroom is being pushed, there might be all “Yes” answers to this question. Apparently I was wrong. I’d be willing to ask this person why they don’t like using powerpoint. For me, I find it really easy to just whip up a powerpoint and have it ready to go for my lesson. I don’t have to bother writing on the board or anything. 

3rd – Have you heard of Hootcourse (Twitter-based program)? I had 1 Yes and 7 No. The one yes was from me. As for the rest that don’t know about the program. I find it really useful for if you are using Twitter in the classroom and want a way to send out a tweet to everyone. So what you would do is you would have students sign in to Hootcourse with their Twitter account. It’s essentially like a little community that brings Tweets to one place and where you, as the teacher, can fire out questions and assignments without having to get everyone’s Twitter names in the question. Very handy. 

Number 4 – Would you use Twitter in the classroom? 6 people said Yes and 2 said No. I think that’s a fair answer. Twitter definitely isn’t for everyone. I’m not a huge twitter person myself but I think for something like an ELA class or Drama class it would come in real handy. 

5 – Would you use YouTube in the classroom? All 8 people said Yes they would. I believe it’s a great tool to use for Educational purposes. There is so much on YouTube that it make teaching and learning so much easier. You can give the students visuals to what you are trying to teach them. 

My final one – Do you care if students have their cellphones in the classroom? 

These were the answers: – No, as long as they are participating.  – No, doesn’t matter.  – I don’t mind. – Depending on how they were using it. – No, as long as the students are not using them inappropriately or at the wrong times. – I don’t think students should use their cellphones in class. – Not at all! I love to have mine! – Yes. – Not if they are using them appropriately.

Very different responses. I suppose it would be the individual’s opinion on them. I think that as long as you have some firm rules on them, then you should give them the choice whether they let it affect their learning or not. I would try to use it positively in my classroom but I don’t think I would ban them out of my room completely. 

Overall, very interesting responses from my survey. I realized that there is lots that people don’t know about! I’m eager to learn more about different ways of incorporating technology into the classroom in a positive way.