Process on Creating a Treaty Lesson Plan

Freya and I worked together in our major subject area, English, and as soon as we got our folder, we read through each of the different students that we had to teach this lesson to. From there, we looked at the Treaty Essential Learnings and picked out number 3 and 4 to do. Then we had to think of a fun activity to do with our students that would meet some of their needs. 

I liked the idea of having Drama in an English lesson and I’m always itching to bring it in. We settled on choosing an interview process where the students may choose a historical character that would have been there at the signing of Treaty Four. We would give them a checklist and graphic organizers to keep those students on task. I also created a choice board where they could choose any one of the five items to do their interview. Those options included a radio interview, script for a play, dance routine, graphic novel, and a video interview. I like the idea of giving students choice instead of just telling them that they have to do an essay or a play. Each student is interested in something different. 

When we met with other teachers in class to discuss our treaty lessons, the two groups that we talked to both liked our topic. One person said that our video for the set would bring out mixed feelings among the students — which would be good. The people we talked with also liked the checklist and the idea of having graphic organizers. However, since this students in this lesson would not present their finished work until the next day or the day after that, we did not have a rubric made up. However, we say in our lesson plan that the projects would be a form of summative assessment and the exit slip at the end would be a formative assessment to see whether or not the students had any issues arise. Based on the feedback received, I might try using checklists more often in my lesson plans. And we should have made a rubric to hand out to the students along with the checklist and choice board. Overall, I did enjoy discussing with other groups and hearing what they did for their treaty lesson plan and it would be nice to gather up some of those lesson plans and have them in my book for future reference.