Busy Bee!

And it’s that time of the semester where everything is going to be due. Less than one month left of my first University degree. It’s insane how fast this last semester is going and how busy it’s becoming.

It’s time to catch up on everything and go hard for these last few weeks. 

So here’s my brief motivation post for the beginning of this week! Here we go!



Standing up for Yourself

Recently I had a conversation with my cousin about students being bullied.

She told about how her nephew was being picked on and then he finally decided to stand up for himself and not be pushed around anymore. This young boy is only in elementary school and he was already being bullied. He ended up punching his bullies.

It was a very interesting story she told me and I felt sorry for the young boy. She said that after he stood up for himself, he started having more friends and began to feel included because he wouldn’t let anyone pick on him anymore.

I don’t think students should be reprimanded for standing up for themselves. Though I don’t think that punching and physical violence is the best answer, being called names is terrible and can stick with students through their entire lives. I think this video shows this best.