Case Study Reflection

In class we were put into groups and had to come up with ideas on how to try and merge two schools. 

I found this activity to be difficult at first because our group wanted to help every single student that we read about but we knew that that wouldn’t be possible. We stuck to a few of the main ideas that would help some of the students that we read about but we couldn’t cover every students’ needs. 

Once we were talking with one another about our different ideas, I began to understand the activity. I enjoyed coming up with different ideas with my group and it was easier when I had other teachers to go over ideas with. Somebody would come up with an idea and then the others would give their feedback on why or why not it wouldn’t work for them. 

We settled on a few different ideas to write down on our paper and we had solutions if some would not work (i.e. the internet — hopefully there would be internet at a local library or somewhere in the town). 

When we shared with the rest of the class, it was really neat to see the different ideas that each group came up with. I believe their solutions would add to our own solutions and we’d help each other. 

This was a very realistic activity to do because one day I might have to plan something like this with other teachers. I might need to try and meet the needs of some of the new students I would be teaching. I enjoyed this activity and hope we can do it again with another study.