Blogs and Twitters I followed.

To add to my PLN, I decided to follow several people who I found interesting and might help me in the future.

One person I followed was Katrina Wirth whose blog is called “Teaching and Learning in the Primary Classroom” . Her one recent post I found interesting is called “School Ditches Rules and Loses Bullies”. She shared an article about a school that ditched rules and let the students free on the playground which resulted in hardly any bullying. Definitely check out her blog and read the article, too.

The next one I followed was “Teach from the Heart” blog and one of the reasons I followed her was of a very recent post called “Cutting my Daughter some Slack”. It was so adorable about just showing your daughter that you can make some mistakes. It was such a real post and she seems like such a real person that I decided to follow her.

Another one I found was a “What if…” blog and the post that caught my attention was “What if there were no criteria to become a teacher?” I’ve linked it to the title there and I suggest all of you to go read it. It’s very interested and the one question he had in bold print was “Why do people who aren’t educators always think they can do a better job than people  who have been to college to become educators?”.  That should be enough to catch your attention and give this one a read.

The next one I decided to follow because I’m an English major is Renee DeAngelo . Her passion for reading and writing is similar to my own and the recent post she had was “How to Build a Fictional World” and the video she posted with it is linked here:

I really enjoyed the video — and it was through Ted Ed on YouTube which was pretty cool. I can’t wait to read all her posts and get more ideas for my own writing and the writings of my future classroom.

I also followed my new mentor, William Chamberlain @wmchamberlain . I think he will be a great contribution to my Personal Learning Network.


Final Thoughts

I wanted to write another post to finish up anything major that happened during my last week of pre-internship. 

On Thursday, I had one lady who thought I was a student. I was with the drama 10 class and they had to  go to the computer and do a survey on technology. The lady who was running the survey online looked at me and asked, “So are you not doing this? Do you need a computer?” I was a little bit shocked because I was wearing a high-waisted skirt and heels and I thought I looked fairly professional. I did find it a bit funny, though, because I guess it means I still I look young!

On the same day, I gave students a choice in period four! They were finishing up an assignment and by the end I went around to a couple of students who I knew were not finished the assignment and said, “You can either hand something in now, not hand anything in, or email your main teacher by tonight with the assignment and then she can pass it on to me.” Some of the students knew what they were going to do right away and so most of them handed in what they had finished. 

In that same English A10 class, this one student kept getting distracted by his two friends. This final class, I went up to him and said that maybe he should think about moving to a different location to work alone — like the front of the room. He agreed. When I spoke to my co-op about this, she said that he knows that he needs to work by himself and sometimes he will take initiative and move himself. I said that we should have moved him from the beginning but she said that we shouldn’t always baby them because they need to learn themselves. I did agree with her. 

Overall, a great experience! I really enjoyed it and my co-op was fantastic. My adviser was also fabulous!! I really enjoyed the school and getting to know my students. They were a lot of fun and I would definitely go back to that school.