Internship – 1st post

September 16, 2013. 


I am in a small school – K-12 and 180 students — for my internship. Instead of being in a high school classroom, I’m in a Grade 6/7 class. At first, I was disappointed to hear that because high school English is my specialty. However, once I entered the classroom on the first day of school, I began to enjoy the students. They were so ambitious and fun to be around that I immediately felt at home with them. 

I taught my first drama lesson not long after that and it went completely wrong. I took the students to a different classroom where there was lots of space and they were crazy. The boys in the class didn’t want to pay attention to my lesson so I didn’t get much done. I had to do some scolding and be rather firm throughout the entire lesson. After speaking with my co-op, she said that we will try it again tomorrow. 

I took a different approach and re-did the entire lesson. We stayed in the same classroom and I was firm from the beginning of the lesson and carried it through. It went over extremely well. My co-op and I took them outside because they had to present their tableaux. 

The days that followed that lesson I had some of the students asking me if we were going to do another drama lesson so that made me feel great about the lesson. 

The next week, I worked with the grade 10s and ran a lesson with them on short-short stories. I had so much fun working with them and getting to know them. We began to develop longer stories based off of the short-short stories. 

The internship seminar was just last week so my co-op and I went to it. I enjoyed hanging out with her and getting to know her. The seminar was a wonderful experience. 

Today, I really took over my first class — ELA 6/7. I had my lesson plan figured out and my target sheet ready (my target was about making sure that the students were on task. I also developed a unit plan for the 6 and 7s and figured out the outcomes for each. When I taught the lesson, I had to go back and forth between the two grades — get one grade started on something and then go to the other and get them working on something. the 6s began a suspense unit while the 7s worked on a media/communications unit. It was very interesting to have to plan it out so that each time I went back to the grades, they had something to work on. 

When I spoke to my co-op afterwards, she said that the lesson went over really well and she enjoyed the content that I had presented to the class. I got through all my material for the 7s but for the 6s I didn’t get quite as much done as I had hoped. That was okay, though, because for tomorrow’s lesson that’s where I will pick up – the 7s will have time to do a mini project and the 6s will begin reading a story on suspense. 

So far, great time teaching the 6/7s! I am already learning lots. More ideas to come!