Internship – 1st post

September 16, 2013. 


I am in a small school – K-12 and 180 students — for my internship. Instead of being in a high school classroom, I’m in a Grade 6/7 class. At first, I was disappointed to hear that because high school English is my specialty. However, once I entered the classroom on the first day of school, I began to enjoy the students. They were so ambitious and fun to be around that I immediately felt at home with them. 

I taught my first drama lesson not long after that and it went completely wrong. I took the students to a different classroom where there was lots of space and they were crazy. The boys in the class didn’t want to pay attention to my lesson so I didn’t get much done. I had to do some scolding and be rather firm throughout the entire lesson. After speaking with my co-op, she said that we will try it again tomorrow. 

I took a different approach and re-did the entire lesson. We stayed in the same classroom and I was firm from the beginning of the lesson and carried it through. It went over extremely well. My co-op and I took them outside because they had to present their tableaux. 

The days that followed that lesson I had some of the students asking me if we were going to do another drama lesson so that made me feel great about the lesson. 

The next week, I worked with the grade 10s and ran a lesson with them on short-short stories. I had so much fun working with them and getting to know them. We began to develop longer stories based off of the short-short stories. 

The internship seminar was just last week so my co-op and I went to it. I enjoyed hanging out with her and getting to know her. The seminar was a wonderful experience. 

Today, I really took over my first class — ELA 6/7. I had my lesson plan figured out and my target sheet ready (my target was about making sure that the students were on task. I also developed a unit plan for the 6 and 7s and figured out the outcomes for each. When I taught the lesson, I had to go back and forth between the two grades — get one grade started on something and then go to the other and get them working on something. the 6s began a suspense unit while the 7s worked on a media/communications unit. It was very interesting to have to plan it out so that each time I went back to the grades, they had something to work on. 

When I spoke to my co-op afterwards, she said that the lesson went over really well and she enjoyed the content that I had presented to the class. I got through all my material for the 7s but for the 6s I didn’t get quite as much done as I had hoped. That was okay, though, because for tomorrow’s lesson that’s where I will pick up – the 7s will have time to do a mini project and the 6s will begin reading a story on suspense. 

So far, great time teaching the 6/7s! I am already learning lots. More ideas to come! 

Pre-Internship Week 2

Wow! Two weeks done. I cannot believe how fast the time has gone. 

Monday: I had trouble starting a class discussion with the students. It was very weird. I had to really push and get them to finally start speaking somewhat. I taught my first drama lesson this day and I found it difficult because I have never taken a drama class nor have I learned much on how to teach Drama. Luckily for me, the Drama teacher at my school also teaches English so it’s nice having that connection between the two. Today my partner and I co-taught an English A10 class! I enjoyed it a lot and since it was a rowdier class, it was nice to have someone to help out. All this week we will be teaching together. 

Tuesday: This day was three-way conferences at the school. I was able to sit and listen to a few of them which was nice and interesting to hear. The conferences were more so teacher-led than student-led. 

Wednesday: My adviser was here today and I enjoyed speaking with him. He told me that when I have my own three-way conferences, I should have the parents sitting beside me instead of across the table. It’s nice to not have a barrier in the way of the conferences. When I taught today, I had students write down answers for some questions before we had a class discussion and that went a lot better. I was pleased because more students had something to say! 

Thursday: Thanks to my co-op teacher’s notes, I remembered to tell them what they should be finished by the end of the class and when the project is due. I continued my drama lesson and my English lesson. I also managed to snag some resources from my co-op! I went nuts with the photocopier. 

Friday: This day was interesting. I co-taught again with my partner and I found it somewhat difficult. We were handing out the assignment and I got the class to listen to her explain it. When she got to a certain point in it, I found the need to interrupt for a second to add in the examples that I had typed in. However, I should have waited until she was finished before adding in what I wanted to say. I suppose that I just became so comfortable with the students that I wanted to run everything, which isn’t what happens in co-teaching. It was my first week to teach together with someone so it was quite the experience. 

Overall, great second week! I’m learning more and more each day and my co-op’s notes are awesome because they help me improve. Onto week three for more learning opportunities!