Virtual World

After I just read another post about technology I had an inspiration to write my own in relation to how one can feel “naked” when they forget their phone. I know I do. I’m always constantly reaching for my phone or digging through my purse to find it. If I can’t locate the device, I have someone call it. I just have to find it. It’s so crazy how one, small device can run my world essentially. Phones are so controlling. 

When I’m walking through the university and I’m staring at my phone and scrolling through Facebook, I’m in my own virtual world and not paying attention to people around me. When I do look up, I notice that others are in their own world and not looking around, either. We are all immersed in our own virtual worlds. 

Are we able to break free of this virtual world? Is it going to get worse? What about students in our classrooms and their cellphones? I will try and do my best to look up from my phone and enjoy the real world that is around me. The world that I’m living on.