Blogging in the Classroom

In my Education English class today one teacher-to-be brought up the discussion of using blogs in a high school classroom. She was talking about how we need to teach students what to post on the internet. This would be a step to teach students that they need to be aware of what they are posting on the internet. And that whatever they choose to post could affect them if future employees are looking for them. They need to be aware of what they are posting on the internet — especially on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter.

Blogging is a great way to incorporate internet and get students thinking about their image in the online world. Instead of writing in a journal, they could blog.

One disadvantage to having students blog would be for some homes that don’t have the money for internet or computers/laptops. In my internship, I had a student in grade 10 who had a phone but it didn’t have data on it so he could only connect to WIFI. I’m not sure if he had internet at home but if I would have incorporated daily blogging into the class, he would have fallen behind if I didn’t give him class time.

However, I think if it’s possible, blogging should be incorporated into a high school classroom — especially English. I think it would be a great tool to utilize if you are able to as a teacher. You could give students topics to write about just like we’ve had in my ECMP 355 class this semester.

3 thoughts on “Blogging in the Classroom

  1. Hey! I’m assuming this was Cecilia’s comments about blogging – so glad we were able to get you thinking about this! Very interesting response, especially considering this class requires a blog! I also fear that we might be singling out lower-income students when insisting upon the use of technology, but thankfully most schools have available computers.

    • Yep! Great presentation today, girl. I liked it. Yes that’s true. You would just have to make class time for the students to do their daily blogging or whatever you chose to do in your room.

  2. I really like your point about teaching students how to post responsibly on the Internet. I think that there is often so much talk about how negative the internet can be. As many of us discovered through this class, there are so many positive ways to use the many features of the Internet. However, as you have brought up in your post there are some students who do not have access to the Internet at home so we need to consider how we can differentiate our teaching for these students. I had a similar experience to you in my internship, sometimes students in rural settings do not have access to the Internet at home. Any suggestions for you we could diferentiate our teaching for these students without depriving them of valuable learning opportunities? Would love to hear your ideas as well as others’.

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