Standing up for Yourself

Recently I had a conversation with my cousin about students being bullied.

She told about how her nephew was being picked on and then he finally decided to stand up for himself and not be pushed around anymore. This young boy is only in elementary school and he was already being bullied. He ended up punching his bullies.

It was a very interesting story she told me and I felt sorry for the young boy. She said that after he stood up for himself, he started having more friends and began to feel included because he wouldn’t let anyone pick on him anymore.

I don’t think students should be reprimanded for standing up for themselves. Though I don’t think that punching and physical violence is the best answer, being called names is terrible and can stick with students through their entire lives. I think this video shows this best.


4 thoughts on “Standing up for Yourself

  1. I think bullying brings up so many moral questions and there is no right answer to it all. The only thing we can do as educators is: recognize it, try to give logical consequences to students who are not being nice and teach about love, acceptance and that differences are what make us interesting. I can say that I condone violence but at the same time can I can’t really say that what this child did is wrong because at the end of the day, kids need to learn to stick up for themselves, as there will not always be adults in their life there to rescue them. This video might actually be a really good tool to use in the classroom to show students how words can be harmfull.

    • Exactly. I remember hearing the “Stick and stones may break my bones” statement over and over when I was growing up and I thoroughly believed it. Words definitely have a larger effect over physical abuse. But then that makes me think – what exactly is bullying? Are kids struggling to have self esteem to stand up for themselves? Do they go to an adult for every thing that goes wrong with them? Are we focusing too much on bullying? There’s my random thoughts for the day.

  2. What an amazing video. It really makes you stop and think about how difficult life can be because of bullies. It brought tears to my eyes. I agree that this video should be shared with students in their middle years. I only say middle years because of some of the terminology and how quickly the speaker talks. What I think would be even better is to have students do a play or video project based on bullying and present it to the class.

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