Blog Changes

I decided to make a few changes to my blog after I listened to Sue Waters talk to us in our class. First, I changed my title to just “Helyn’s Portfolio” so that it would be more specific and people would know who’s blog they are browsing. I changed my theme, too, so that my title was on top and underneath the main title I just added “Helyn van Staveren’s teaching portfolio”. The theme, too, is also mobile friendly which is nice when people or I need to view my blog on their phones or smart devices. I went into the Mobile settings and made sure everyone would see my posts on the front page — just to make things easier for everyone.

I set up two categories, “ECMP355” for the class I’m and also, “Teacher Thoughts” just so that when I write posts that relate to teachers, they will have their own category. 

I’m also starting to incorporate more links into my posts, like the two you see here. Those will help everyone stay connected as to what I’m talking about in my posts. People reading this post may want to visit Sue’s blog about making blogs better so I added her blog link to her name in the first paragraph. 

As for the pages, I have some created. One that I did at the beginning of this semester was my “About” page. This will be good for people who want to know who I am before they read any posts that I’ve written. The other pages were from another Education class and I’m sure there will be more that I will create in the near future. 


3 thoughts on “Blog Changes

  1. Helyn,
    As a photographer, I was immediately drawn to your blog’s photograph; your blog is very aesthetically pleasing.
    If you are considering using this blog as a portfolio that one of your future employers might see, you may want to consider removing your Pre-Internship Goals page, as from what I am aware of, they are most interested in your internship experiences.

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