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After I just read another post about technology I had an inspiration to write my own in relation to how one can feel “naked” when they forget their phone. I know I do. I’m always constantly reaching for my phone or digging through my purse to find it. If I can’t locate the device, I have someone call it. I just have to find it. It’s so crazy how one, small device can run my world essentially. Phones are so controlling. 

When I’m walking through the university and I’m staring at my phone and scrolling through Facebook, I’m in my own virtual world and not paying attention to people around me. When I do look up, I notice that others are in their own world and not looking around, either. We are all immersed in our own virtual worlds. 

Are we able to break free of this virtual world? Is it going to get worse? What about students in our classrooms and their cellphones? I will try and do my best to look up from my phone and enjoy the real world that is around me. The world that I’m living on. 


14 thoughts on “Virtual World

  1. The good news is, in my opinion anyway, that we are able to break free of this virtual world, we simply have to want to. My suggestion: try fasting your phone for a day (a day that it is reasonable for you to,) and see how freeing it is, and how open your eyes become. This may not be an easy task at first, but from my personal experience, it is so worth it.

  2. Hey Helyn. I feel like students are being coming just as wrapped up in the use of cellphones just as adults. I know I am bad of constantly checking my phone. I think we take for granted how easy it is to contact or check up on someone now. I’m seeing kids as young as third grades with cellphones. The only positive I see is parents contacting their kids. However at that age the should know where their kids are at all times. Having phones that young could lead to trouble.

    • Definitely. I agree with you. At that age I think it’s too young. When I was teaching grade 6/7 for my internship, I was surprised at the amount of students that already had a phone and were using Snapchat and everything that I’ve been using. Insane. Having phones from that young of an age could lead to young kids unable to interact face-to-face.

  3. Interesting thoughts and I do agree with you! I too feel naked without my phone or iPod. It kind of reminds me of the part in the movie Wall-E where everyone is just staring at their screens and everything is done virtually with no physical human interaction.

  4. Hi Helyn. I agree with you when you say that it is hard to break away from this virtual world. Misplacing or loosing my cell phone can put me right into panic mode. I wonder why though? I never thought of how much of an impact technology has on my life. Not only is it becoming more advance, but when you see young children knowing more than you do, it can make a person slightly intimidated. However, I think that technology advancing it a great thing and we just need to learn with it rather than try to break free.

    • Yep, I agree with you there – about going with it. There is no point in trying to think about the past and trying to live in the past. Technology is happening so we may as well just run with it. It’s good to keep up with everything.I just don’t want to begin living in a world where people can no longer talk to one another face to face. Sigh.

  5. I’ve researched and written a fair bit on this topic. While I agree it requires us to be mindful, I also think that there are some unfounded fears. I recently did a presentation looking at people’s fears and concerns with technology over history. Socrates for example, thought writing and reading was dangerous. He felt that relying on writing everything done would damage our ability to remember and talk with one another. Many feared the book would produced information overload. This was back in the 1500’s. People thought radio and television would become the demise of society.

    While we might look at those responses as silly, it reminds us that all new technology that disrupts us brings about concerns. Again, I’m not saying we shouldn’t ask questions and be thoughtful, I’m just suggesting historical perspective and societal fears are both important to understand.

    • Very interesting, Dean. Makes sense to me, though. I definitely agree that we should just run with the technology and not fall behind if we can help it. There’s no point living in the past and wishing that things that will go back to normal because they won’t.

  6. I completely agree Helyn.. I am sooooo guilty for this. I feel lost without my phone! I aways seem to have it in my hand! It is great to be connected to your loved ones and the rest of the world at a touch of a button, but what is too much? It seems to be taking over our lives..I like what Stephanie said about the movie Wall-E. Somedays it seems like that is what is happening to our society! Lets hope it never does..
    I also think that as much as it scares us, we need to learn as much as we can, because whether we like it or not technology is advancing, and is what is capturing our students attention. So in order to engage them and help expand their learning, we need to be knowledgeable!

  7. Helyn, this is so true! I find that I absolutely need to have my phone on my at all times, although I make sure that I put it away if I’m out for supper or spending time with family or friends.

    Sometimes I fear that we are so worried about using out phones to show the world how great our lives are that we forget to actually enjoy what we’re doing.

  8. Helyn, I also agree with your remarks about being almost handicapped by technology. If we can’t find our phone we do feel lost because we can’t communicate with others. However, what about the people that surround us? My 10 year old twins are almost addicted to their mini iPads and I regularly have time outs from them so they can engage in what is going on around them. As a Health major I feel it is important to get our kids up and active but with technology surrounding our society it is getting harder to do! Keep up the great work!

    • Agreed!! That’s scary – kids becoming addicted to technology and not caring about exercise. Very scary to think about a world where it’s all just “virtual exercise.” Eep!

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