Phone face?

Another blog post I read gave me another idea about technology and the scary realities that seem to be happening.

I believe people are having trouble communicating with one another and not knowing how to be outgoing to meet new people face to face. I don’t like the idea of people hiding behind their phone the entire time. It’s scary to imagine a place where there is no more face-to-face contact with people. 

On a more interesting not, I’m not a huge fan of texting. Really. I’d rather call someone or make plans to meet up with someone through text message. I get really bored of texting people and want to end the conversation as soon as possible just because I have something else to do in the “real world”. Maybe it’s just the generation that I’ve grown up in — the 90s? Since I didn’t get a phone until I was 15 or so, maybe that’s the reason? I’ve grown up to not be so attached to it. 

Maybe this new generation that’s coming has started with phones at such a young age that they will be really dependent on them. Any answers on that one? 

Food for thought. 

4 thoughts on “Phone face?

  1. I agree, it is a pretty scary thought to be connected all the time. I think we have to teach our children and students how to communicate in person and they won’t rely on technology. We shouldn’t be giving them phones at such young ages either. They get more dependent on them.

  2. I agree that technology has become almost domineering when it comes to the youth of today. Every where we go, we see children playing on ipods or cellphones while their parents are visiting, children are seen not heard as they are completely invested in their games and social media. I strongly believe that children should not be given cell phones until they are in their teens, unless of course they are needed for security reasons. As parents and educators we have to teach these children how to communicate with others and how to socialize face to face.

  3. People rely on cell phones as their main method of communication so much today! Right now as I am commenting on this my boyfriend’s little sister is sitting across from me texting her friends and he is sitting on the chair texting his mom. It is essential that people do not lose the ability to communicate with people face to face because throughout their lives they will not be able to hide behind their phones. If we lose the ability to communicate in person with people than that is going to be a huge issue.

    • Agreed. It’s scary to think that that might happen in the future — people not knowing how to talk. I can already tell a few people who game a lot struggle with communicating with people. As a teacher, we will have student like these ones in our classrooms. Can you imagine a student who doesn’t like to speak in English class?! AH!

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